Welcome to Trinity Academy 

At Trinity Academy, we offer a world-class education that allows every child to achieve beyond what they thought they could – their absolute best. We believe that true education is about the whole child, learning in everything they do, in and out of the classroom to become happy, confident, successful and engaged adults.

We articulate this vision by giving our community three foci: Head, Heart and Soul.

The Head - A Place of Learning: Learning is central to everything we do. Expert teachers deliver an exciting curriculum which enables our students to have a passion for learning and to find success. 

The Heart - A Place of Respect: Students are taught to respect and care for themselves, their community and their environment and we care for them, ensuring that all students of all abilities achieve their best because they are safe, happy and motivated. A strong emphasis is placed on belonging to the school community. Our values are extremely important to us at every level of the school.

The Soul  - A Place of Engagement: Whole child learning happens in and outside of the classroom.  At Trinity Academy there is rich offer of co-curricular opportunities including specialist music and performing arts groups and exceptional sport. Students find their spark and develop a confidence which will allow them to pursue any further study or employment.


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Eiron Bailey, Headteacher

Trinity Academy has a very close relationship with Bristol Cathedral Choir School (BCCS) and like it's sister school, is one of the few music specialist schools in the country.

‘Pupils who learn musical instruments out-perform students who do not learn music in areas of intelligence, developmental skills, academic performance and social skills.  Furthermore, they are able to transfer their music knowledge and skills to other areas of academic excellence.’ British Journal of Music Education


CST Trinity Academy will equip its students with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities to pursue successful careers and lives. We want our students to benefit from a community which values integrity, optimism, responsibility, service, honesty, generosity and compassion. We will provide a range of opportunities for all our students, including access to:

  • An enriched co-curricular offer including the music specialism, as well as sport, performing arts, clubs and societies.
  • Employability skills training including the development of communication, analytical and team working skills and commercial awareness.
  • Links to high quality providers of apprenticeships, Higher Education and Further Education providers and mentors from the business world.
  • High quality careers information, advice and guidance which has been built into the curriculum.

Merlyn Ipinson-Fleming, Chair of the Board of Governors for CST Trinity Academy

“Our vision for the future, is to provide yet another opportunity for an excellent education for the children and young people of Bristol. We are excited to have the opportunity leading up to the opening of the new secondary school, to engage with Bristol parents, to listen to their concerns and ideas and to share our plans. We want to take this opportunity to provide an education that champions employability and provides tailored pathways for our young people to achieve both vocationally and academically.”

Neil Blundell, Executive Principal of Cathedral Schools Trust

“We are delighted to announce the opening of the new CST Trinity Academy in Bristol. Our vision for this school is to provide opportunity and challenge for young people, whilst forming a positive and committed partnership with the local community.”

Gareth Simons, Headteacher of Stoke Park Primary School

“We are delighted to hear that the Cathedral Schools Trust will build the new CST Trinity Academy in Lockleaze. This is great news and adds very considerable strength to schools across the area to work together to help our children and young people flourish. The Cathedral Schools Trust has dedicated itself to providing its pupils with a rich curriculum which values co-curricular activities, particularly the arts, as much as high academic standards. This approach sits perfectly with the work of Stoke Park Primary School and we are thrilled at the prospect of working in close partnership with the new CST Trinity Academy.” 

Stephen Parsons, Chair of Cathedral Schools Trust

“Cathedral Schools Trust’s Trinity Academy is a wonderful new free school for Bristol, set to open in 2019. All our schools set out to ensure that children have the very best teaching delivered through an exciting, challenging and innovative curriculum. CST Trinity Academy will work closely with all the schools across the trust to ensure that every child has access to the very best facilities and are able to fulfill their potential, ready for the world of work."